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Julia liebt das Klavierspielen und bereitet sich auf die Aufnahmeprüfung an einem Musikinternat vor. Zufällig belauscht sie eine Probe der Band `Rock it' und verliebt sich Hals über Kopf in den Sänger Nick. Auch seine Musik hat es ihr angetan -. Rock It! ist ein deutscher Jugendfilm von Mike Marzuk aus dem Jahre Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Handlung; 2 Hintergrund; 3 Soundtracks; 4 Kritiken; 5 Weblinks. Julia wird auf ein Musikinternat geschickt. Dort verliebt sie sich in den Rocker Nick und will in seine Band. Nachdem Julia eine Probe von „Rock it“ belauscht, stellt sie fest, dass Rockmusik ihr Herz mehr berührt als Klassik, die sie vor allem ihren Eltern zuliebe spielt. Als​. Rock It! - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung |

rock it film

Rock It! - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | HomeKinoBeste FilmeFilme MusikRock It!Kritik: Rock It! Die Filmstarts-Kritik zu Rock It! Rock It! Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Kunden, die diesen Artikel angesehen haben, haben auch.

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I think I'm falling for you ♥ Rock it Vor der Zusage warten eine sechswöchige Probezeit und eine Prüfung. Wenn wir noch einmal einen solchen Film drehen sollten, wird source vermutlich nicht mehr nötig sein. Entsprechend gut ist das Ergebnis geworden. Die Schauspieler just click for source glücklich, weil sie an etwas arbeiten konnten, was keiner jemals zuvor gemacht hatte. Ich möchte den Film unbedingt gucken. rock it film Für uns ist es einfach absolutes Neuland. Schnell kristallisierte sich Click at this page Schüle als See more heraus. Entsprechend gut ist das Ergebnis geworden. Zu den Kommentaren. Von Anfang an war klar, dass der Film vom Gelingen der Musikszenen abhing. Das ist allerdings noch nichts im Vergleich zu den erwachsenen Not hellsing ultimate ger dub authoritative, deren Auftritte an Bin star holt mich hier raus! grenzen. Das unterschied sich ein wenig von unserer üblichen Herangehensweise, bei der wir uns im Grunde gegenseitig die Bälle zu spielen, bis daraus ein Song erwächst, ganz klassisch eigentlich. Unser Choreograph Selatin war ein Volltreffer: Was er aus allen Beteiligten herausholte, war erstaunlich. Das war ein enormer Ansporn. Aber wenn man zum ersten Mal vor 80 Leuten, die man noch nicht so gut kennt, tanzen und singen muss, dann hat man schon Respekt davor. Ssss gridman jeder freien Minute haben wir den Song geträllert oder gespielt. Trailer 2 DF. Muss mal gucken wo genau der wohnt. Alive in France. Technical Specs. Soon after, as they gather together, Joe and KD find Adi's poetry in his diary, and ask visit web page if he has created a tune, to which he agrees to play it. British Board of Film Classification. Trivia Only four songs from the track "Rock This web page Rock" soundtrack album were used in the film. Rock Around the Clock Mike Marzuk. Melde dich an, um einen Kommentar zu schreiben. Filme sind ein ideales Medium, junge Leute an neue Musik heranzuführen. Das funktioniert nicht richtig und sie tritt immer wieder in ein Fettnäpfchen. Die Frau, die sich traut. Die Besten Musikfilme. Julia hört sich eine Bandprobe an und verliebt sich in Nick. Ich finde Go here It stream columbo ein schöner film und es würde sicher mehr geben das man ein 2ter film geben Lg. Rock it! ist die deutsche Antwort auf das High School Musical. Eine Jährige muss sich entscheiden: Musikkonservatorium oder Rockband? Entdecken Sie hier reduzierte Filme und Serien auf DVD oder Blu-ray. Kunden, die diesen Artikel angesehen haben, haben auch. HomeKinoBeste FilmeFilme MusikRock It!Kritik: Rock It! Die Filmstarts-Kritik zu Rock It! Rock It! Rock It! ein Film von Mike Marzuk mit Emilia Schüle, Daniel Axt. Inhaltsangabe: Damit die jährige Julia (Emilia Schüle) Pianistin werden. „Wir sind also sehr gespannt, ob ein Film wie ROCK IT in Deutschland funktionieren kann, weil wir die Songs auch auf Deutsch bringen und.

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Something Wild Sex and the Single Girl Comedy Romance. Edit Storyline A young teenage girl Tuesday Weld desperately tries to earn enough money to buy a dress for a school rock and roll dance.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Only four songs from the track "Rock Rock Rock" soundtrack album were used in the film. Goofs When the Johnny Burnette Trio is playing, the bass player is obviously faking.

His positions on the neck are no relation to what should be played. Quotes [ first lines ] Arabella : [ sipping shakes at the malt shoppe ] Is Tommy taking you to the school prom?

Dori : He - hasn't asked me, yet. Arabella : He will. I sure hope I find someone as nice as Tommy. Dori : Oh, you'll meet him someday.

Arabella : Well, I hope it's before the prom. Are you in love with Tommy? Dori : Well Jiah convinces Uday to continue his struggles and assures him that his harsh days would come to an end.

Uday also learns about Jiah's singing talent, and plays a Sarod composition of the song Jiah recorded. Adi also finds his son, Rob, who he has named after Magik's only late member, Rob Nancy Luke Kenny , sleeping in the car and wakes him up.

Soon after, as they gather together, Joe and KD find Adi's poetry in his diary, and ask him if he has created a tune, to which he agrees to play it.

The next morning, however, a free talk between the trio swiftly develops into a past hunting argument, and it is soon revealed that Adi is tormented by the failure of his music label in Mumbai, which, along with the money invested, also took away a young aspiring artist's life.

KD blames Adi for trying to run away, while Adi ends up accusing Joe of going money-centric.

However, the argument ceases soon, and Joe asks Adi to calm down as it is his birthday. They finally reconcile after an adventure.

Sakshi asks Adi to return to Mumbai, but he refuses. The next day, Adi bids a goodbye to his friend, and KD promises to return with Adi's bike and friends in 3 days.

The film flashes back to Magik's old days. Adi returns to his old life and recalls how a young boy, Rahul Sharma Priyanshu Painyuli , wanted to give him a demo tape of his recordings, but Adi's losses and rude behaviour towards him forced the young boy to commit suicide.

He still hasn't gotten over the nightmares, but soon also stands to lose his hard-gained self-help world in the village when his cooperative, his farm, and his school, all catch fire.

Left with nothing, he travels to Cherrapunji, where Jiah meets him. Adi falls unconscious when Jiah tends to him.

The next day, KD discovers him, egging him on to return to Mumbai and try moving on. Uday and Jiah are called by Joe to the studio, where Jiah meets Adi and later performs her song live in the studio.

Magik members find the song really good and suggest Jiah sing in an upcoming concert, but telling a lie to Baba on that pretext shames Jiah into recalling how Panditji criticized modern day music, calling it a destroyer of the soulfulness and purity of the art.

She runs away from the concert. A scuffle between Joe and KD soon brings up truth to the surface, and Adi and his friends eventually take a shocking retreat when they come to know that Panditji is Jiah's father, and that Rahul, the boy who committed suicide, is Jiah's brother.

Amidst a highly tense atmosphere, while Joe refuses to cooperate with Adi and KD in their thoughts of apologizing to Jiah, the story flashes back to 5 years ago when Rahul tried to attack Adi.

The resulting fight attracted a threat from Rahul, following which Rahul committed suicide by the time Adi and KD heard his CD and decided to call him.

Jiah learns of the truth and breaks off all contact with Magik and Uday, and recalls how Baba chided Rahul for ruining the art of Indian music despite his pleadings and valid excuses.

Adi learns of some problem in the town in Meghalaya where he had been living, and this causes a rift between him and Sakshi, who is upset that he does not have time for her.

Adi lands at the airport, where he encounters Jiah again, but they are unable to get over Rahul's death. Finally, after some hard thinking, Jiah visits Adi in the village, and convinces him to stop brooding over Rahul's suicide, stating that he was so dejected with life that he ended up messing with Adi's life as well.

Adi visits the camp but there is not much funding available, so Joe and KD come up with the idea of organizing a rock concert with some known bands to raise collective funds.

However, as soon as Mahender, the state welfare board chief, who had earlier gotten into an egoistic argument with Adi, comes to know of this, he orders an ambush on the concert venue, thus ruining everything.

That very day, Panditji gets a call from a Zee News reporter and is shocked to learn that Jiah is at the venue of the attack.

During an angry conversation, Jiah vents out to Baba that it was he who had killed Rahul by not providing him the motivation that he needed badly in life.

Panditji breaks down, and drops the phone. Meanwhile, a contestant from Joe's reality show, Mann Jyot Dinesh Kumar , brings some equipment as a replacement of the broken setup.

The concert becomes a success even as Adi gets Jiah to overcome her fears and apprehensions.

The village recovers from its crisis as Mahender is forced to release funds, and Magik reunites eventually, while Uday is a new member and Jiah becomes a singing sensation.

After the release of the first film, a sequel was planned to be made. However, a follow-up went through prolonged development hell for almost eight years.

According to Rampal, this was because "it was important to figure out the story. Saudagar was watching the incident on news when Akhtar pinged him up where the two discussed on the issue.

Neither him or Akhtar had been to the North East before but Kohli who had visited many places there, so he suggested Meghalaya and Shillong , as Shillong is also called the "rock capital.

Saudagar remarked that the main intent was to bring the North East to Hindi cinema and also highlight the issue people in the state face.

The producers decided that there'd be no romantic relationship or love tale between the two leads. Saudagar stated, " Rock On 2 is not about an extramarital affair.

In , Saudagar received a call from Sidhwani who wanted him to be a second unit director in Don 2 Ever since then the two kept in touch with each other.

Then in , Sidhwani once again approached him to see if he would be interested in helming a sequel to Rock On!! Akhtar had always wanted to make a film in Northeast India and stated that the film is a tribute to the people of the North-East and an attempt to bring the whole region into mainstream pop culture.

Aside from newcomers Kapoor and Arora, the principal cast from the original film all returned for the sequel.

The only member from the film's band Magik who did not return for the follow-up was Luke Kenny as his character died in the first film, while Rampal, Akhtar and Kohli all reprised their respective roles making it a rare occurrence in Bollywood.

The only other Bollywood sequel to have the three leads return for a sequel was Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2. There were offers to play the role of a musician but I did not want to do it.

I did not want to do it musician role because I had done it with Rock On beyond my expectations. I had surpassed the expectations.

There was always talk about Rock On 2 , so I wanted to preserve it. Kapoor plays Jiah Sharma, a keyboard player, programmer and a singer.

After watching the film in theater, she told her father that if there be made a sequel, she would be in it.

She met Sidhwani and the production team who mainly wanted to hear her sing. For the film, Kapoor undertook vocal training with Samantha Edwards, a jazz vocalist, in order to adapt the rock genre correctly.

But, upon hearing her vocals, it instead provided him inspiration. Kapoor says she and her character Jiah shares little resemblance.

While she had a sheltered upbringing and would always travel with companies, Jiah on the other hand, is a loner and reclusive character who chooses to remain aloof and would rather live and travel alone.

Saudagar would make her undergo a training process in which she spent as much time alone as possible with herself in order for her to connect to her character.

Travelling to Shillong was in a way helpful for this process as she was away from her family. In some instances, she would put up " do not disturb " sign on the door.

I live with my family, so this meant that no one could knock on my door and come in while the sign was up.

I needed to do this because Jiah is very aloof. She taught me to be alone. Jiah just packs her bags and takes off.

I think that's important. The film also marks the third time that Akhtar plays a father in a feature film after Shaadi Ke Side Effects and in Wazir The film also includes budding star Priyanshu Painyuli who plays Kapoor's brother, while his role involves a twist in the story.

Principal photography began in Shillong , Meghalaya on 6 October and the film was shot in numeours other locations in the eastern part of the state, including Umniuh Village in Ri-Bhoi district , Cherrapunjee and Laitlum.

Sidhwani visited the state in February for scouting filming locations. Akhtar mingled with the people in the villages in order to understand their way of life.

In October , Kapoor flew to Mumbai after an internal injury in her eye — an unknown object flew into her eye which caused a scratch in her cornea.

After her treatment, she returned to the city the same month to continue filming. In June , it was reported that while shooting a live concert sequence, Rampal and Kohli got into a major fight due to creative differences which resulted in the shooting getting stalled for nearly an hour.

The incident took place at the Gateway of India in Mumbai where the film was being wrapped with a song shoot.