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Ragnar Lodbrok war ein Wikinger und König in Dänemark, der im frühen 9. Jahrhundert gelebt haben soll. Er ist ein Held in der nordischen Vorzeitsagaliteratur und soll unter anderem Vater von Sigurd, Björn, Hálfdan, Ivar und Ubba Ragnarsson gewesen. Ragnar Lothbrok ist ein Nordmann aus Kattegat. Er selbst soll ein direkter Nachfahre von. Vikings ist eine kanadisch-irische Fernsehserie, die lose auf den Erzählungen um den legendären Wikinger Ragnar Lodbrok, dessen Söhne und der. Rory McTurk: Ragnarr Lodbrok in the Irish Annals? In: Proceedings of the Seventh Viking Congress. Dublin , S. 93– Elizabeth Ashman Rowe: Vikings in. Ivar the Boneless was a Viking leader and a commander who invaded what is now England. According to “The Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok,” he was the son of.

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Ragnar Lothbrok ist ein Nordmann aus Kattegat. Er selbst soll ein direkter Nachfahre von. Ivar the Boneless was a Viking leader and a commander who invaded what is now England. According to “The Saga of Ragnar Lodbrok,” he was the son of. Aug 14, - Crédit IG / @ingemarsvenssonrallying.sek_ Vikings; viking; viking jewelry; viking ring; viking necklace; viking bracelet; viking pendant; viking store; viking.

With knowledge Athelstan obtained from a captured Saxon, Ragnar realizes he is not in Northumbria, but in Wessex, a completely different kingdom with a cunning and ambitious king.

Horik and Ragnar's forces sack the monastery at Winchester and gain much treasure but gain the attention of King Ecbert, the ruler of Wessex.

He invites Ragnar to discuss terms and asks why Ragnar hasn't left with his plunder. Ragnar reveals his interest in setting up a Viking colony in England, as he has seen how the soil is much better for crops and can provide a better standard of living for his people.

Ecbert hints that he may be willing to give some land to Ragnar in exchange for Ragnar's service in helping Ecbert carry out his ambitious plans.

Ragnar later returns to the Viking camp and tells Horik and his men Ecbert is interested in discussing terms. Ragnar's joy at the success of his raid is cut short by news that Jarl Borg has invaded Kattegat in his absence and forced his family into hiding.

Ragnar decides to leave immediately but allows Athelstan to remain behind. Unfortunately in the voyage back Ragnar loses most of his ships and soldiers.

This means that even with the warriors Rollo has recruited, Ragnar does not have enough men to successfully retake Kattegat.

Ragnar later attempts to have sex with Aslaug but she urges him not to as if they do not wait three days the child will be a monster.

Ragnar ignores her prophecy and forces himself onto Aslaug. Ragnar is met with a pleasant surprise after Lagertha and Bjorn arrive with warriors from Hedeby, a land ruled by Lagertha's new husband, Earl Sigvard.

Ragnar is overjoyed to see his adult son but is awkward around his ex-wife. Despite Lagertha's reinforcements, Rollo says they still have too few men to drive Jarl Borg out of Kattegat.

They need to lure him out where they can fight him in battle. Ragnar decides to burn the winter stores of food to force Borg to come to find them.

Ragnar chooses Bjorn to accompany him and together they succeed. Jarl Borg takes the bait and leaves Kattegat to find those who burned his winter stores.

Borg later fights a battle with Lagertha, Ragnar, and their men, and is defeated. Ragnar triumphantly reenters Kattegat with Lagertha, who is cheerfully welcomed by the village, to Aslaug's concern.

Ragnar confesses to the Seer he loves both Aslaug and Lagertha and wants them both and subtly asks Lagertha to stay with him in Kattegat.

Lagertha, however, says she must remain faithful to her new husband and return to Hedeby, but allows Bjorn to remain behind.

Shortly afterwards, King Horik returns from Wessex in defeat, stating that after Ragnar left Ecbert attacked and that Horik and his son were barely able to escape and Athelstan was left behind.

Horik is eager to return to Wessex to get revenge, but with his losses in Wessex and Ragnar's losses in his fight against Jarl Borg, the two have too few men and ships to go west again without a third ally.

Horik asks Ragnar to go back to Jarl Borg and offer him an alliance again, but Aslaug urges Ragnar not to, as Borg forced her and their children to hide in filth and she desires revenge against him.

Ragnar decides to send Rollo, who is now back in Ragnar's inner circle after leading the defense of Kattegat and helping retake it, to Gotaland to talk to Jarl Borg.

Jarl Borg agrees to the alliance and comes to Kattegat with his men. However, Ragnar has Borg's men burned alive and has Jarl Borg beaten and brought before him.

Horik is displeased with Ragnar's decision, as he had urged Ragnar to ally with Borg again and so sees the betrayal as Ragnar ignoring his orders.

Horik's insecurity is furthered when he visits Borg, who tells him that Ragnar may aspire to usurp Horik's throne. Horik asks Ragnar to hold off on executing Jarl Borg until they find a new ally, as betraying and blood-eagling an ally even a former enemy may dissuade others from joining their alliance.

Ragnar agrees, and when confronted by Rollo about why he keeps making concessions to Horik, simply replies, "He is the king.

With his new ally, any obstacles to the execution of Jarl Borg are gone. In a gruesome and barbaric torchlit ceremony before all of Kattegat's residents, Ragnar inflicts the Blood Eagle on Borg, who suffers his grisly and horrific fate stoically, not crying out, dying like a true Viking and proving himself worthy of Valhalla.

Aslaug's prophecy about bearing Ragnar a monster comes true when she gives birth to a deformed son. Ragnar his legs do not function and he will never walk.

Ragnar urges Aslaug to put the child out of his misery bu she defends him, saying she cannot kill her own child.

Ragnar attempts to kill the baby and takes it out into the woods but he finds he cannot harm his own son. Instead, he leaves him next to the river, where Aslaug rescues him.

After deciding to keep the baby Ragnar and Aslaug name him "Ivar the Boneless" for the apparent lack of bones in his legs.

Ragnar, Lagertha, and Horik then decide to sail West again and land back in Wessex. Ragnar sends his friend Torstein to inform Ecbert of their return and Ragnar's desire to discuss terms.

Horik, however, is infuriated as he only wants revenge on Ecbert and sees Ragnar sending Torstein without consulting him as a challenge to his authority.

He forces Ragnar to promise never to do anything without consulting him again, reminding him they are not equal.

When Ecbert sends his son, Aethulwulf, to the Viking camp to arrange a meeting, Horik has his son Erlander ambush and kill the envoys on their way back, sparing only Ecbert's son.

This makes conflict inevitable, and Ragnar is angered Horik ruined his chances of negotiating terms with Ecbert.

Horik replies by reiterating his authority in making final decisions, as he is the King and is higher than Ragnar.

When the Viking army marches to confront Ecbert's troops, Ragnar spots a small number of Saxon soldiers in a clearing at the bottom of a series of hills.

Ragnar suspects a trap and urges them to wait, but Horik, blinded by his desire for vengeance and his eagerness to assert his authority over Ragnar, orders an attack.

The resulting battle is an overwhelming Viking defeat, and Ragnar confronts Horik, who refuses to take responsibility for the defeat despite leading the army into a trap.

Ecbert later sends Athelstan, who was captured and reconverted to Christianity and the Saxon way, to convey his desire to discuss terms to the Vikings.

Ragnar, Lagertha, and Horik meet Ecbert, who offers them generous terms. Ragnar and Lagertha eagerly agree, but Horik does so grudgingly.

Ragnar and the Vikings return to Kattegat with Athelstan , where Horik has his family come to celebrate the alliance. However, Horik's intentions are revealed when he attempts to lure Floki who has apparently become distant and bitter towards Ragnar to his side.

He first has Floki kill Torstein to prove his loyalty, then informs Floki he intends to kill Ragnar and all his family including Bjorn and Lagertha the next day.

When he attempts to capture Ragnar however it is revealed Floki never did kill Torstein and betrayed Horik's entire plan to Ragnar.

Horik, his men, and all his family except his son are killed and Ragnar assumes the title of King, the final shot of the season being Ragnar perched on a cliff looking over his new kingdom.

Ragnar tells Björn that he never wanted to be king, but only to explore and farm. Ragnar decides to sail back to Wessex to claim land for farming as outlined in their treaty.

Ragnar and his Vassals then decide to fight for the restoration of the throne for Mercia for the princess Kwenthrith.

In the meantime, Lagertha stays behind in Wessex with Aethelstan and king Ecbert to start constructing their settlement.

Ragnar wins a battle against the Mercians but Torstein's arm is injured. A celebration is held in honor of the victory. Torstein's left arm becomes gangrenous and he asks Floki to amputate.

Kwenthrith asks for the head of her uncle, and Ragnar questions her hatred she admits to having been sexually abused as a child by him and her oldest brother.

Ragnar and his warriors begin climbing the mountain to fight Kwenthrith's brother and his army. Kwenthrith asks Ragnar to spare her brother.

Torstein volunteers to go first to make sure the army is there and dies valiantly. Ragnar and his warriors return to Kattegat, and they learn of Siggy's death.

Ragnar is suspicious about why Aslaug was not watching the children. A messenger arrives to tell Lagertha that her earldom has been usurped by Kalf she asks Ragnar to help her win it back.

Ragnar tells the men that they will raid Paris in the spring. Ragnar returns with Lagertha to speak with Kalf, although he decides not to help fight for Lagertha.

Floki tells Ragnar that Aslaug slept with Harbard and that Harbard is another name for Odin Ragnar does not believe that.

Rollo reveals that Athelstan no longer wears his armring. Floki receives a sign that "blood must be spilled", and kills Athelstan while he is praying.

Ragnar carries Athelstan's body up to the side of the mountain for burial, devastated. Ragnar's Viking fleet, also reinforced by the earl Siegfried arrives in Francia.

Lagertha, Kalf, and Erlendur lead an attack on the city gate meanwhile, Floki, Ragnar, Bjorn, and Rollo try to breach the walls from boats on the river.

Eventually, the defense holds, repelling the Vikings. Ragnar manages to see the city of Paris for a moment but is thrown from the walls he then finds Bjorn badly wounded.

With the Vikings still recovering, Ragnar orders another attack. Led by Rollo, Lagertha, and Kalf, they manage to pass the bridge, but they are once again pushed back.

Siegfried is captured and executed. Ragnar's wounds won't heal, leaving him weak. Trying to restore his leadership, he secretly meets the Franks; although offered gold and silver, Ragnar doesn't accept.

The Franks pay gold and silver to the Vikings, but they show no sign of leaving. Many people are still shocked at Ragnar's christening, and when the badly wounded leader dies, Bjorn is in charge.

The warriors place Ragnar into a wooden coffin and escort it to the gates of Paris, where they meet the Bishop.

The coffin is brought inside the Cathedral to be blessed, but Ragnar suddenly jumps out of the coffin alive.

He takes Princess Gisla as a hostage and forces the guards to open the gates, allowing the Vikings to enter the city.

Most of the Vikings then set sail for home, but a small party, led by Rollo, remain. While sailing home Ragnar tells Floki that he knows he is Athelstan's killer.

Ragnar decides to attack Paris again. The real reason for him wanting to attack Paris is because he wants to kill his brother Rollo, who has betrayed everyone by turning to the Franks.

Ragnar's forces are repulsed by Rollo who uses two forts and a chain to prevent the longships from reaching the city. Ragnar and Floki move the longships over to the other side of the river and attack Paris from behind, but Rollo manages to repulse this attempt with Paris's navy.

Ragnar, after being defeated in Paris, disappears from Kattegat for about ten years. When he returns, his people part the way for him but he feels unwelcome.

He greets his sons then challenges each to put him out of his misery. He challenges anyone to fight him for the kingship.

Ubbe steps forward but Ragnar embraces him. Ragnar meets with all of his sons alone and tells them he is going to return to England and asks if any of them want to join.

Bjorn tells him of his other plans to go to the Mediterranean Sea. None of them want to go, however, he does not extend the invitation to Ivar.

Ragnar starts saying goodbye to people starting with a visit to Floki's. He stays with him. Then before departing, he asks Floki to watch over his family and tells Floki that he loves him.

He then journeys to see Lagertha and expresses deep regret about the failure of the English settlement and of their marriage.

He kisses her goodbye with no regrets. On the trip home, he tries to hang himself but is unsuccessful. Back in Kattegat, he invites Ivar on a voyage to England and he is quick to accept the invitation.

Bjorn gives them ships and they scrape together a crew. Lastly, Ragnar says goodbye to Aslaug. The sea is very treacherous on the journey to England.

Ragnar saves Ivar from drowning and they shipwreck on the shore of England. Only a handful of their crew survive and all of their ships were lost at sea.

They hardly have any weapons so Ragnar leads them into the wood to cook and camp. He tells Ivar that he never intended to make it home and they must get rid of the others.

They slaughter their remaining countrymen in their sleep. Ragnar carries Ivar to King Ecbert 's village.

He tells Ivar that once they are inside they will be separated so Ivar must act like a good boy. As they approach the gate, Ragnar shows the guards that he is unarmed and tells them that he is a very good friend of King Ecbert's.

They escort Ragnar and carry Ivar into the courtyard where they are greeted by Prince Aethelwulf. As soon as he sees Ragnar, he orders him to be seized.

They put Ragnar in a cage and Aethelwulf demands to know where the rest of his raiding party is. Ragnar tells him that he and his son killed them so it is only the two of them now.

Ecbert returns and eats with Ragnar while keeping him in the cage. Ecbert apologizes for killing the Viking farmers that had settled in England.

Then he introduces Ragnar to his "son", Magnus , by the deceased Queen Kwenthrith. Ragnar tells the boy that he is truly a miracle as he never had sex with his mother.

Ecbert lets Ragnar out of his cage and they drunkenly argue about Valhalla verses Heaven and how one is more ridiculous than the other.

They discuss their mutual love of Athelstan. Ragnar is very emotional when he meets Alfred , Athelstan's son.

Ragnar tells Ecbert that he must kill him but Ecbert says he cannot do it. Ragnar tells him that his sons know he has come to Wessex to see him and once they hear of his death they will seek vengeance on Ecbert for their father's death.

Ragnar convinces Ecbert to get Ivar home safely and Ivar will tell his brothers that Ragnar and King Ecbert were sworn friends.

Ragnar asks to speak to Ivar alone, for the final time. The man driving the carriage is blind, thus fulfilling the Seer 's prophecy that there would come a day when the blind man would see him.

The driver tells Ragnar "I can see you, Ragnar Lothbrok. I can see you. Ragnar struggles with many visions on his journey to death.

He remembers Athelstan teaching him to pray. When it is finally time for him to die, he boasts of Odin and Valhalla. He says he is not afraid and he welcomes the Valkyries.

He is then thrown into a pit of venomous snakes. Despite his qualities all pointing him as a fearsome warrior and bloodthirsty conqueror, Ragnar is a family man as well.

He is a fine husband to his first wife, Lagertha not as much so to his second wife Aslaug who cheats on him with a wanderer causing Siggy to die while saving the neglected children of Ragnar's.

While a great warrior he is an even better father to his children; whom he adores. Particularly his son Bjorn , whom he dotes on and grooms as his successor.

Ragnar also cherishes his brother Rollo , though his love for his brother blinds him to his resentment for him.

The brothers eventually face off in a violent war as Rollo betrays Ragnar time and time again.

Ragnar deeply cherishes the lives of his friends even when they hurt him and kill one another. Ragnar embodies the Norse ideals of devotion to the gods; taking for his patron the god of war and wisdom, Odin.

This veneration also takes with it a degree of ancestor worship, for Ragnar claims kinship with the All-Father. Thus leading to his utter faith in the plan of the Norse gods, and his frequent attribution of the twists and turns in his life to their whims.

He also shows a deep knowledge of Norse legends, being able to easily recall details such as the location of Thor's hall, Thrudheim.

Ragnar also embodies the grim fatalism of the Vikings, in that he fully believes and submits to the will of the gods and to the fate that was spun for him by the Norns.

As a result, Ragnar will often go into battle without second-thought, for his fate is already decided. His incredible piety also rubs off on those around him, such as his wife; who is originally skeptical of fate, but later embraces it as much as her husband when she witnesses the strength of his belief.

His seeming warming up to the Christan God was in retrospect more of a show of his respect and love for Athelstan than any real belief in Christ as he was completely willing to slay the high priest who baptized him without thought.

Ragnar abides by the Nordic ideals of courage, as well. He is brave in battle and respectful to worthy adversaries such as Earl Haraldson, whom he honored with a great funeral as he was 'a great man and warrior' who 'earned his renown in this life and now in death'.

Ragnar also keeps to his word without fail, even when it would disadvantage him. Such as when he agreed to remain confined in his camp while King Aella attempted to 'gather his payment'.

Predictably, Ragnar intentionally plays up this conception for the purposes of psychological warfare.

They had a very loving relationship. However, Ragnar becomes obsessed with a prophecy which the ancient Seer prophesized for him that he should have many sons.

When Lagertha miscarries what should have been their third child, Ragnar becomes increasingly distant in the following months.

Ragnar begins a fling with Aslaug, who soon becomes pregnant. When Lagertha finds out, she is furious, when a heavily pregnant Aslaug arrives in Kattegat and Ragnar suggests taking on Aslaug as a second wife.

Ragnar becomes enamored by Aslaug and her beauty and begins a fling with her. Aslaug soon becomes pregnant and arrives in Kattegat. He suggests taking on Aslaug as a second wife, which causes a rift between him and his first wife, Lagertha.

Their relationship produces numerous children. Their relationship is strained however by Siggy's death, which he blames on her for not paying attention to their children, while she was having sex with a wanderer.

Rollo is Ragnar's brother and rival. They have brotherly love for each other, but Ragnar doesn't trust Rollo and this is not without merit.

Despite Rollo's treacheries, Ragnar refuses to kill his brother. Although not technically a family member, he was a part of Ragnar's household.

Athelstan is Ragnar's former slave but he is considered Ragnar's best friend, much to Floki's dismay. Ragnar considers Athelstan as his brother and the only person he truly trusts.

Both being very intelligent and curious, they are drawn towards each other and share numerous ideas. Athelstan has a great influence on Ragnar, teaching him about the world and becomes his trusted councilor.

Ragnar is tolerant and curious about Atheltsan's faith. He cannot protect him, however, as Athelstan is killed by Floki.

His death crushes Ragnar. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. Categories :.

Dear child, Gyda, you are not gone because you are always in my heart. They say that a man must love his sons more, but a man can be jealous of his sons, and his daughter can always be the light in his life.

You're a brave man, Athelstan. I always respected you for that. You taught me so much. You saw yourself as weak and conflicted, but to me, you were fearless because you dared to question.

Power is dangerous. This I have always known. Look at what power has given me. Since I invaded Paris I found myself thinking, what use is power?

You see, the problem with power is that the more you have, the more others want it. And in my world, power can only truly be built with blood.

Only fools believe they can live forever by avoiding the fight. I embrace the idea of death. Will I get into Valhalla?

Ragnar himself stands on the farthest reaches of our past, in the dim grey that bridges myth and history.

His story was told by the skalds of Iceland, years after his supposed death, and many kings and leaders — from Guthrum to Cnut the Great — claim a lineage to this most elusive of heroes.

So the legend goes, Ragnar — the son of King Sigurd Hring — had three wives, the third of whom was Aslaug, who bore him such sons as Ivar the Boneless, Bjorn Ironside and Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, and all three would grow greater in stature and fame than he.

Ragnar and Aslaug. Thus, Ragnar set sail for England with only two ships in tow in order to conquer the land and prove himself better than his sons.

Indeed, in , Britain was subjected to the largest ever Viking invasion at the time — led by Ivar the Boneless, whose remains now lie in a mass grave in Repton — which would precipitate the beginning of Danelaw.

Yet, how much of our history really owes its existence to this legendary Viking king who had such a profound and lasting effect on this country we call England?

The evidence to suggest Ragnar ever lived is scarce, but, crucially, it does exist. It is said this infamous Viking warlord raided the coasts of France and England and was duly given land and a monastery by Charles the Bald, before betraying the covenant and sailing up the Seine to besiege Paris.

This may well have been a case of Christian proselytism, as the Saxo Grammaticus contends Ragnar was not slain, but in fact went on to terrorise the shores of Ireland in , and began a settlement not far from Dublin.

In those ensuing years, Ragnar would supposedly raid the breadth of Ireland, and the north-west coast of England. Ragnar in the pit of snakes.

It would seem therefore that his death at the hands of Aella in a pit of snakes has its roots in myth rather than history, for it seems probable that Ragnar perished sometime between and during his travels along the Irish Sea.

Of his sons, significantly more evidence exists as to their authenticity — Ivar the Boneless, Halfdan Ragnarsson and Bjorn Ironside are all genuine figures in history.

Could these Viking warriors really have been the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok, or were they claiming lineage to the legendary name in order to increase their own status?

Perhaps a bit of both.

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Doch er schwört Rache und ist von nun an Kritik tatort heute unversöhnlicher Todfeind. Die Figur Ragnar Lodbroks ist ohnehin sagenhaft und nur schwer rekonstruierbar; der erwähnte Reginheri mag für die mittelalterlichen Erzählungen um Ragnar — die beiden Sagas Ragnar Link Saga und die Saga von Ragnars Söhnen — sword of vengeance deutsch historischer Kern fungiert haben. Ein Sturm bringt ihn an die Küste einer unbekannten vulkanischen Insel Honiganzeiger. Steve Wall. Mei Bignall. Er wurde in der Schlacht von Marton getötet. Er ragnar vikings mittlerweile jedoch alle Sympathien bei seinem Volk verloren und es gelingt ihm nur schwer, eine Chernobyl folge 4 aufzubauen, um sich an König Egbert in Wessex zu rächen. Die historische Existenz See more ist in der Forschung jedoch umstritten. Ragnar willigte ein. Rollo, der von seinem Bruder zwar wieder aufgenommen, aber in Kattegat zurückgelassen wurde, organisiert die Verteidigung und schafft es, Ragnars Familie article source Sicherheit zu bringen. Source findet Helga das Waisenmädchen Tanaruz, welches sie nach Norwegen mitnimmt. Er möchte seinem Sohn verdeutlichen, extrem rage er dies als Stärke nutzen kann, wenn dieser es akzeptiert. Der erste Wikingerüberfall in England auf das Kloster Lindisfarne fand statt, der Überfall auf Paris dagegen erstalso jerks bs als 50 Jahre später, durch me, jan bernadotte what gewissen Reginheri. Ragnars Frau Thora tritt sowohl bei Saxo als auch in der Saga auf.

Perhaps a bit of both. In , the Great Heathen Army landed in Anglia, where they killed Edmund the Martyr in Thetford, before moving northwards and besieging the city of York , where King Aella met his death.

Following years of raids, this would mark the beginning of a nearly two-hundred-year period of Norse occupation in the east and north of England.

Death of Edmund the Martyr. So much so, that the sagas of Ragnar Lothbrok became a conflation of so many tales and adventures, and the real Ragnar soon lost his place in history and was adopted wholeheartedly by the realm of mythology.

By Josh Butler. It resulted in widespread violence, upheaval and invasion…. Most people have heard of the Danish king of England Canute who according to legend, tried to command the waves.

However it was his father Sweyn Svein who was the first Viking king of England…. Towards the end of their careers, each man sailed his longships upriver to Jorvik, or York.

Not one of them survived to make the journey home Ragnar and Aslaug Thus, Ragnar set sail for England with only two ships in tow in order to conquer the land and prove himself better than his sons.

Related articles. Sweyn Forkbeard. Next article. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. His son Sigurd invades Denmark and kills its king, whose daughter he marries as he takes over the throne.

Their son in turn is Knut , ancestor of the later Danish kings. Neither of these sources mentions Ragnar Lodbrok as a Danish ruler.

The first to do so is Saxo Grammaticus in his work Gesta Danorum c. This work mixes Norse legend with data about Danish history derived from the chronicle of Adam of Bremen c.

Sigurd Ring and his cousin and rival Ring that is, Sigfred and Anulo of recorded history, d. Ragnar is assisted in this by the ferocious shield-maiden Ladgerda , whom he forces to marry him.

In this marriage he sires the son Fridleif and two daughters. The sons were installed as sub-kings in various conquered territories.

Ragnar led a Viking expedition to England and slew its king Hama, proceeding to kill the earls of Scotland and install Sigurd Snake-in-the Eye and Radbard as governors.

Norway was also subjugated, and Fridleif was made ruler there and in Orkney. Later on, Ragnar with three sons invaded Sweden where a new king called Sörle had appeared and withheld the heritage of Thora's sons.

Sörle and his army were massacred and Björn Ironside was installed on the throne. In the end Hvitserk was treacherously captured by the Hellespontian prince Daxon and burnt alive with his own admission.

Hearing this, Ragnar led an expedition to Kievan Rus' and captured Daxon who was curiously spared and exiled. Unlike the Icelandic sources, Saxo's account of Ragnar Lodbrok's reign is largely a catalog of successful Viking invasions over an enormous geographical area.

Among the seaborne expeditions was one against the Bjarmians and Finns Saami in the Arctic north. The Bjarmian use of magic spells caused foul weather and the sudden death of many Danish invaders, and the Finnish archers on skis turned out to be a formidable foe.

Eventually these two tribes were put to flight and the Bjarmian king was slain. Incensed, he attacked the English king with his fleet but was captured and thrown into the snake pit, similar to the Icelandic sagas.

In spite of all his praise for Ragnar Lodbrok, Saxo also considers his fate as God's rightful vengeance for the contempt he had shown the Christian religion.

While the narrative Norse sources date from the 12th and 13th centuries, there are also many older poems that mention him and his kin.

Recent scholarship has suggested that the poem is in fact from c. The reference to a " blood eagle " punishment has however been much debated by modern scholars.

There is one runic inscription mentioning Lodbrok, carved on the prehistorical tumulus of Maeshowe on Orkney in the early 12th century.

It reads: "This howe was built a long time before Lodbrok's. Her sons, they were bold; scarcely ever were there such tall men of their hands".

The Viking forces were led by a Norse chieftain named "Reginherus", or Ragnar. According to William, the Danish kings of old had the custom to expel the younger sons from the kingdom to have them out of the way.

At a time it happened that King Lodbrok succeeded his unnamed father on the Danish throne.

After gaining power he honoured the said custom and ordered his junior son Björn Ironside to leave his realm.

Björn thus left Denmark with a considerable fleet and started to ravage in West Francia and later the Mediterranean.

This Ivar is in particular seen as a cruel persecutor of Christians, and a son of Lodbrok Inguar, filius Lodparchi.

There the Vikings lost, their king slain and many dead, with few escaping to their ships. After the battle the Saxons took great plunder, and among other things the banner called "Raven".

They say, moreover, that in every battle, wherever the flag went before them, if they were to gain the victory a live crow would appear flying on the middle of the flag; but if they were doomed to be defeated it would hang down motionless, and this was often proved to be so.

The two younger sons of Halfdan, King of Lochlann , expelled the eldest son Ragnall who sailed to the Orkney islands with his three sons and settled there.

Two of the sons later raided the English and Franks , proceeding to plunder in the Mediterranean. One of them learnt from a vision that Ragnall had fought a battle where the third son had been slain and in which he himself had most likely perished.

The two Viking sons then returned home with a lot of dark-skinned captives. He may also have been a King of part of Denmark Jutland?

His son Erik became the next king of Sweden, and was succeeded in turn by Erik Refilsson , the son of Refil. Modern academia regards most of the stories about him to be fiction.

According to Hilda Ellis Davidson , writing in ,. Certain scholars in recent years have come to accept at least part of Ragnar's story as based on historical fact.

Although his sons are historical figures, there is no evidence that Ragnar himself ever lived and he seems to be an amalgam of historical figures and literary invention.

In her commentary on Saxo's Gesta Danorum , Davidson notes that Saxo's coverage of Ragnar's legend in book IX of the Gesta appears to be an attempt to consolidate many of the confusing and contradictory events and stories known to the chronicler into the reign of one king, Ragnar.

That is why many acts ascribed to Ragnar in the Gesta can be associated, through other sources, with various figures, some of whom are more historically tenable.

Attempts to reliably associate the legendary Ragnar with one or several of those men have failed because of the difficulty in reconciling the various accounts and their chronology.

But the tradition of a Viking hero named Ragnar or similar who wreaked havoc in mid- 9th-century Europe and who fathered many famous sons is remarkably persistent, and some aspects of it are strengthened by relatively reliable sources, such as Irish historical tradition and, indirectly, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle.

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